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"Enter the poignantly sweet music of cellist James Todd accompanied by pianist William Morse. The album is called Quiet Beauty and the title is breathtakingly eponymous. The voice of the cello is gently sweet as it sings along with the warm complementary piano…….. Quiet Beauty is probably some of the most soulful music I have ever heard. Contemplative, romantic, and beautiful, the album is perfect for an afternoon of memories or a romantic evening encounter."

RJ Lannan

"….a delicious collection of melodic pieces dominated by a kind of romanticism with a classical flavor. This is an album where we can clearly appreciate the special sensitivity that Todd has as a composer for melodic instrumental music. Contributing his own vision of the genre, where he incorporates the majesty typical of the soundtracks for movies within the genre of drama, the composer impresses us with a display of deeply artistic sensitivity."

Sarah Tomblin


"Beautifully composed string arrangements by cellist James Todd that are combined brilliantly with pianist William Morse's sweet harmonies create an atmosphere in which you can truly utter "Quiet Beauty". Talk about a relaxing jaunt through the musical woods, James Todd's "Quiet Beauty" is a true stroke of genius that strikes at the very nerve of modern classical compositions."


"It's been many, many years since I wrote a fan letter, but that is exactly what I intended to do after listening to your exquisite music. I love the entire album, everything about it…..you are writing the music of the angels. It is an honor to play your music, which I believe brings us all peace on the deepest level."

Anne Williams

"Todd has translated his feelings from peak moments in his life for his soft-sounding cello to vibrate and enliven in us those moments and events the way only a cello can vibrate! The result is an all-too-brief hour of heartfelt music to stir your soul, open and center you in your heart….."

Greg Ozimek

"James' "Quiet Beauty" is by far the most beautiful Neo-Classical music I've heard in a long time."



"Several cellists have recently been breaking out of the classical symphonic and chamber music area and bringing the rich sound of their instrument to new audiences. All ten pieces on this CD are his compositions, and they are quite lovely, with a strong vocal quality. Very enjoyable, and good sound…..you would certainly find this disc worthwhile."

John Sunier

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